[REVIEW] Incanto San Francisco Restaurant Review

Posted in Reviews, Restaurants on August 19, 2010 at 4:10 PM
[REVIEW] Incanto San Francisco Restaurant Review
1550 Church St
San Francisco
(415) 641-4500
Food and Drink:
San Francisco/ Napa: Part 3


The place was hopping when we arrived for our 7:30 reservation. A great place to take a first or second date, in my opinion because it isn’t intimating and its noisy enough that there will never be complete awkward silence. I actually didn't know that Chris Cosentino was the chef until I saw him at the bar talking to some of the other diners. We started with Boccalone lardo, plums & rose thyme, and Marinated local sardines, cherry tomatoes, sunflowers & capers, both were lovely, and served in generous portions. I loved the saltiness of the fish against the brightness of the tomatoes. Californian’s are spoiled by their tomatoes. For mains, we both did pasta, a bucatini with fresh tomatoes Tomato leaf bucatini, toy box tomatoes, garlic chives & chilli and for me, a Cavatelli, beef brasato & mint. The pasta on both were perfectly cooked. The bucatini had a flavourful and light (not oily) sauce with those same incredible tomatoes. The sauce on the cavatelli was rich with umami, with a little kick of heat that was cooled by the hint of mint. For dessert, we shared the plum cobbler with vanilla ice cream. This was a huge pie, big enough for four, yet somehow finished by the two of us. I would have preferred a bit more whole fruit in the pie, as it tasted more like plum sauce topped by pastry. I also would have wanted a bit more ice cream so that I wouldn’t have to ration it carefully with the pie. After the meal, Chef Cosentino visited for a photo, and we chatted about the restaurant and Susur (Toronto's "top chef"). A great experience for only $88 before tip! I would definitely return.

Boccalone lardo, plums and rose thyme


Marinated local sardines, cherry tomatoes, sunflowers and capers



Cavatelli, beef brasato and mint


Tomato leaf bucatini, toy box tomatoes, garlic chives and chili


Plum-tarragon cobbler and vanilla ice cream



Chef Chris Cosentino and I



 To be continued....



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