[LAUNCH] #LegsandTie at Fabbrica with Yorkshire Valley Farms

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This week, a group of hungry foodies emerged upon the Don Mills shopping centre for what we knew only as #legsandtie. As we approached the McEwan hotspot, Fabbrica in the sweltering 40 degree heat, we all crossed our fingers and counted our chickens that we wouldn’t be seated outside.




This week was probably not a good week for patio eats, unless you want to receive your food raw and let it cook itself out there. Instead, we were greeted inside by the lovely Yvonne Tsui (@th3hungrycat) and caught up with our fellow food-lovin’ friends. Each with a camera (or two) in hand(s), the line up included @corecorina @momwhoruns @kiki_bff @wherejessate @AS_Toronto @foodigatorJ @1goatroti and @YashYanthi .




Upon being seated, Executive chef Rob LeClair came by to introduce our meal and start us off with a killer glass of Sangria. Seriously, there is nothing like a light refreshing wine cocktail when it’s too hot to breath outside.




The meal started off with a gorgeous loaf of freshly baked bread and a lovely salumi board, perfect for sharing, nibbling and lingering with friends throughout the night.



No Italian meal can happen without good bread.




Next was fried smelts with an addictive aioli dip. As @th3hungrycat said the moment it was put down, “I never eat fries when there are smelts on the menu.” Amen, sister. These little puppies were light, crispy and bursting with luscious moisture within. And that aioli? Oh yes, I ate a lot more bread than I should have simply because smearing a little aioli on it made it absolutely irresistible.




Finally, the showshopper- the chicken. The event was called #LegsandTie to commemorate the act of trussing up a bird, exactly what chef Rob had done with the beautifully deboned organic Yorkshire Valley Farms chicken.  The dish can be best described in Italian as involtini, meaning that the chicken had been stuffed, trussed, cooked and then sliced into little medallions.  Served on a bed of fregola and garnished with a stuffed fried zucchini flower, the whole meal came together like a beautiful Italian dream.  The chicken was lusciously juicy and seasoned perfectly, and the fregola offered a deliciously nutty aroma and toothsome bite. Mmm… and as my friend, Guy Fieri would say, you could garnish a flip flop with a fried zucchini flower this nice and I would finish off the plate.  Chef Rob did a lovely job at celebrating the beauty in Yorkshire Valley Farms’ local organic poultry product.




And to finish off a fabulous summer meal, Chef Rob brought out a beautiful light and refreshing passion fruit pavlova. The meringue was crispy on the outside and pillowy within, sat atop a little bed of supple strawberries and enrobed with a tangy sweet passionfruit curd. I loved the little pop of the seeds from the passionfruit, which really complemented the marshmallowy texture of the meringue. Way to end a meal on a high note.




So the next time you’re looking for a wholesome, delicious Italian meal, definitely check out McEwan’s Fabbrica in the Don Mills Shopping Centre. They’ve got a stunning bar, a beautiful dining room, and for those not-so-sweltering days, a wrap around patio out front.




Or if a home-cooked meal is more what you crave, you can always pick up a Yorkshire Valley Farms chicken and try to recreate Chef Rob’s masterpiece yourself! Either way, you are sure to end up with a stellar meal that will quickly become part of your regular routine. Thank you to @brandandbuzz for organizing, @th3hungrycat for hosting, @yvforganic for the fabulous chicken, and @themcewangroup #fabbrica for that winner, winner, chicken dinner! Looking forward to #legsandtie 2.0!


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