[REVIEW] Messis Toronto Restaurant Review (Closed)

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[REVIEW] Messis Toronto Restaurant Review (Closed)
Food and Drink:

So, it was a friday night and I was anxiously awaiting the home-coming of hubby so that we could a) go to some West Elm store to look for a wine rack I saw online and b) then go for dinner at Grand Electric, which I specifically chose because I really wanted to try it, and because it was right down the street from the home store.
Well, significant partner called and told me he'd be home early (5:30) and I was pretty excited about that, so I rushed through my workout so I could be upstairs and ready to go to the store, thinking I would actually get some time to shop around before dins. Well, unfortunately, the man didn't come home alone and ready to go. Oh no. He came home with a massive fish tank that he just HAD to set up so that the water could do some purifying thing over the weekend in preparation for the fish or whatever. I just bit my tongue and hoped it would be a quick assembly. Not so much. It was about 730 by the time he finished and THEN he told me he had to go to Rogers before they closed so that he could get something to fix our cable. Well, I reluctantly agreed to that because I wanted my damn Food Network back, and knew that it would be a nice friend to have while he was away this weekend. So he came back from Rogers, ++ annoyed at the slow service (obviously, its Rogers), and of COURSE, he was missing a cord or something. So, long story short. I didn't get to watch any FN this weekend (other than in the gym.. great work out motivator). Okay, so by this time it was already 815 pm and west elm was closed (so much for hubby's home early), and of course, he was so tired he didn't feel like going out to the west end for dinner. Ugh. He suggested instead that we just pop up to Messis on Harbord for simplicity's sake. I grumbled a bit (okay, a lot), but reluctantly agreed (okay, so I guess I do get to pick the restaurant every other time..)
Service was nice, but I didn't like having a table RIGHT in the middle of the room where people would squeeze past our table with their puffy winter parkas and nearly knock over our drinks. But, it was late and I guess we were lucky to get in at all.

We had:

Butternut squash soup with shaved parmesan



Very disappointing. It-had-no-flavour. When a large vat of soup is prepared, specifically as a special... does nobody care enough to taste it? Even one person? Even if I were a dishwasher in the place, I would pipe up and suggest some salt.

Goat cheese phyllo triangle stuffed with sun dried pears and arugula served on sautéed confit tomatoes and Julienned beans with a puree of eggplant and herb vinaigrette



Well this was pretty delicious. I love goat cheese and could happily eat it by the spoonful (and I do sometimes..) but when its paired with pears and a crunchy phyllo crust, I always feel like I'm having a treat. The portions here are pretty big, but in this case, I didn't really mind.

Free ranged Quebec Cornish hen served with asparagus, black beans, red peppers, sweet onions, portabellini mushrooms and eggplant with a spicy tamarind peanut sauce



A nice medley of vegetables in a flavourful sauce. Didn't try the hen, but it got gobbled up pretty fast.

Duck Confit with sour cherry jus, with potato, carrot "gallette"and mixed vegetables



Again, underseasoned duck that didn't have that delicious crispy skin that I so look forward to when I tuck into a confit leg of duck. I was really looking forward to the sour cherry jus because I love the cherry jus I make at home, but it was VERY one note and was unbalanced in general. And the gallette? I don't know why they called it that. It was actually like shredded potatoes and carrots that were maybe held together like a big baked potato pancake. Steamed mixed vegetables were boring. After a disappointment like this, I really needed dessert.

Wild blueberry and white chocolate phyllo strudel with Tahitian vanilla ice cream



And omg I was so glad I did. This is apparently their signature dessert, and for good reason. It was deliciously warm, and oozy inside, and crispy outside, with a really nice ice cream to accompany. It was totally huge, but I (without guilt) ate it all myself.

So, for 2 apps, 2 mains, a cocktail, a half bottle of Amarone, sparkling water, dessert, and a cappucino, the bill was $150 after tax and tip. Very reasonable, but I have had way better meals (in my own home for example) for the same price in the city. Will I return? Only for that dessert.


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