[REVIEW] Honey's Sit n' Eat Philadelphia (PA) Restaurant Review

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[REVIEW] Honey's Sit n' Eat Philadelphia (PA) Restaurant Review
800 N 4th St
Philadelphia, PA
+1 215-925-1150
Food and Drink:
Southern Jewish
Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

Opening Remarks


-Honey’s is regarded as one of Philly’s top breakfast staples when you want great food on the cheap.

-This is a really unique family-friendly diner that brings together Southern comfort fare with old-school Jewish cuisine. The owners are apparently a Jewish/ Tex-Mex couple, which explains the unusually delicious menu. When I read about it, I was determined to make a trek.




-Don’t bother coming if you’re in a crazy rush because there is almost always going to be a long line. That is, unless you have friends in high places who can put a little word in for you a few months before (shout out to the concierge team at the Four Seasons!)

-The original version is in Northern Liberties, but they just opened up a second location on South Street, which is where we headed since it was closer to downtown.






-Hipster families and couples occupy the stools in this busy diner.

-Simple white walls are adorned with accolades, awards, and chachkas (as we say in Yiddish), while the ceilings hold retro signage and hanging lights.

-The glass-covered table tops house an unusual collection of old books, programs and mementos, which are then set with paper placemats featuring local advertisements.

-The never-empty bar is painted green and white, and is set with back-less red upholstered stools. They don’t particularly look all that comfy, but judging by how busy the place is, I don’t think anyone cares.






-Especially considering they were working on the 4th of July when we visited, the staff were super friendly, efficient and sweet. Our server had our coffee cups filled as soon as we sat down, and refilled before we were even half empty. He was also very passionate and enthusiastic about making recommendations.




-The meal from start to finish took a total of about 40 minutes, though I’m sure you could linger longer if you’d like. I never like to linger when I know there’s a huge waiting list so we tried to pay and get out as quickly as we could.

-Be aware that they only accept cash, but they do have an ATM on site if you are low.






-At breakfast expect the usual round of acceptable morning libations- freshly squeezed juice, iced team, and bottomless coffee. The coffee, by the way, is surprisingly good.






-As previously alluded, the menu at Honey’s is an unusual collection of classic diner food, Jewish fare, Tex-Mex specials and Southern classics. So you’ve got biscuits and sausage gravy, quesadillas, lox and bagels, and all you’re basic eggs specials. They also try to source their ingredients locally, showcasing for example, their free range eggs from Lancaster County.

-The big draw at Honey’s is apparently the Jewish latkes so I wouldn’t dare leave the place without giving them a try.


Fried Chicken Chipotle Benedict with Latke ($12)




First of all- holy moly, I totally get what all the fuss is about with the latke. I would come to Honey’s just to order a platter of latkes and I’d leave quite content. They’re wickedly crispy on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside and pretty much the best latkes I’ve ever had. The fried chicken dish was a daily special and it was also such a fabulous delight. I loved the use of fluffy pancakes as the base for the crispy sweet and spicy fried chicken.


Pancakes with Blueberries and Cream Cheese/ Sour Cream Filling ($10)




Also super tasty. The pancakes are of the thin chewy variety, in contrast with a big fluffy or doughy type cake. I actually really liked the texture, especially with the sweet and tangy cream cheese whip. Yum.


Biscuits with Sausage Gravy (1/2 order, $5)




An excellent fluffy biscuit that would be fantastic even on its own. And while we enjoyed the sausage gravy, we both agreed that it could have used a touch more salt and two touches less pepper. Trust me, I like my pepper, but it definitely overwhelmed the roux here.




Closing Remarks


-For 2 coffees, 1 freshly squeezed orange juice, and the 3 dishes, the bill came to about $45 including tax and tip. I totally get why Honey’s is such a popular joint, and I would absolutely return on a follow up visit. The service was friendly, the food was wickedly good, and my goodness, I need to experience that latke again. July 4th 2014 cannot be the last Honey’s latke I have in my life.

Honey Sit n’ Eat on South is open Monday-Sunday for breakfast, brunch and lunch.




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