[REVIEW] The Station House Palm Beach Restaurant Review

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[REVIEW] The Station House Palm Beach Restaurant Review
233 Lantana Rd
(954) 420-9314
Food and Drink:

So this is my sixth winter going down to Palm Beach for the holidays, and it just would not be the same without our annual trip to the Station House.  The Station House has been around since 1993, and is one of those institutions where families gather year after year in gastronomic tradition. Six years ago, I was lucky enough to be invited into this family tradition, and have since look forward to going winter.Located on Lantana in Palm Beach, the SH is a massive restaurant with their own parking lot and valet (this is PB after all).  Despite its size, don't think you'll get away without a wait if you forget to make a reservation.  Thankfully, as long as you plan ahead, they are incredibly accommodating with larger parties.
The decor at SH is well, tacky in all honesty, but I'm sure nostalgic for those who have grown up visiting the place.  As you walk in you're greeted by a few (not so appealing looking) lobster tanks on your left, and a bustling kitchen and server station on your right. Okay, so the atmosphere isn't it's top selling feature.




What is great is the service.  For a city bursting with restaurants catering to an often snobby crowd, and delivering indifferent service in response, I am amazed at how gracious the staff at SH can be.  On our recent visit, our server seemed to go above and beyond to ensure my meal was exactly as I wanted.  Refilling drinks, inquiring about little details like how I would prefer my vegetables cooked, and responding to my own requests as if he would do anything to make the meal right. I'm not saying I always need or even want to be treated like a Queen when I go out to dinner, but in the midst of absent service here in Florida, this was a refreshing change.




In line with the family-friendly atmosphere, we both opted just for unsweetened iced tea.  No sass from our server about that one, just lots of free and frequent refills.
Food, as always, was great.  A meal at the SH always feels simultaneously healthy and indulgent, and that's precisely why I love it. It also means I have made ample room for ice cream at Sloan's later on before our movie.  We had:


Warm Buns and Bruschetta- Complementary 


The buns are basic, but satisfying, and I love the balsamic-heavy tomato mixture.  Our server, of course, offered to bring us more, but I had to stop him before we ruined our appetite for the incredible beast to come.


Green Salad with Raspberry Peppercorn Ranch



This salad comes with every main course.  It's also a very basic composition, and the dressing is little too "busy" for my preference (ranch fruit are a no-no for me), but none the less, a fresh start to the meal. I always request that olive oil and balsamic are brought to the table so that I can whip up my own vinaigrette.


Steamed 1 1/4 lb Lobster with Side of Mixed Vegetables



Lobster was perfectly cooked, and served simply, just as I like it. The vegetables needed seasoning, but otherwise, they were done to my liking- not too mushy, but not at all hard.


Crabmeat Stuffed Twin Lobsters with Mashed Potatoes



A lot of tasty seafood going on on this plate. While it certainly didn't hurt to pair the crabmeat with the lobster, that stuffing was satisfying all on it's own- it's no wonder they sell it in a bowl as an appetizer.  And for those in the mood for a starchy side, the silky smooth mashed potatoes are a definite winner.

No dessert for us, as we knew we had ice cream in store for us at the movies.




For the two lobster mains and a couple of soft drinks, the bill came to $120.  Yes, it is definitely a pricey meal, considering we only each ordered one course, but let's not forget we were eating seafood on top of seafood and there were a whole 3 lobsters to be eaten (plus complementary sides and starters).  And with the stellar service we have had on each of our visits, it's no wonder we keep coming back. Thanks SH, see you next year!


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