[REVIEW] The Dune Deck Cafe Palm Beach Restaurant Review

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[REVIEW] The Dune Deck Cafe Palm Beach Restaurant Review
100 N Ocean Blvd
(561) 582-0472
Food and Drink:
Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch

Breakfast's are meant to be quick, so the reviews are, as well. This is one of our favourite Palm Beach breakfast places, especially when there is a massive line up across the street at John G's and we aren't feeling like spending over $50 on some eggs and fruit salad over at the Ritz. Mind you, it's quite a different experience. The Dune Deck is a fast-paced beach eats destination with tonnes of plastic chairs and tables all crammed into a small outdoor dining area- nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, and maybe even a little bit grungy.  But as long as you don't mind using the beach-side restroom (yep, the one with a tonne of water and sand on the floor and a less-than-glamourous hand basin), you'll likely be glad you came.




Service is always friendly, and relatively attentive.  They're always busy, and there sometimes is even a bit of a line, but there is usually a spot for two waiting for us up at the bar.  I actually love sitting at the bar because if you ever need anything (ie. coffee refill, water, cutlery, napkin etc), you can always very easily grab someone.  On one of my last visits, I watched one of the male servers spend a good 5 minutes a piece whipping up the most beautiful diner-style cappuccinos I have ever seen. I was tempted, but I was happy with my straight-up decaf coffee, as cappuccinos for me are an after dinner treat. On a subsequent visit, we sat at a table, where service was not surprisingly a little less snappy. It took about 40 minutes in and out to promptly order, get our food and pay our bill. In all fairness to the staff, the place was completely jammed (Sunday Brunch time), but I do believe with a few more staff, they may be able to turn more tables.



Food is some of the best quality for the cash that you can get near by. I prefer it to the super popular John G's across the street, and it's half the price (and better, in my opinion) than the ridiculously priced Ritz next door.  Over the course of two recent visits, we had:


Greek Yogurt and Berry Crepes



Nice tender crepes stuffed with thick luscious greek yogurt, perfectly ripe berries and a sweet crunch from a touch of granola. This is a great option for those days when I still want a healthy start to the day, while still feeling a little indulgent.


Egg, Bacon and Cheese Croissant Sandwich



The croissant was moist and warm, with a healthy helping of oozy cheddar cheese and a good amount of crispy bacon.


Nova Eggs Benedict with Hash browns



The hollandaise was a little bit salty for me, especially with the smoked salmon, but the eggs were perfectly cooked.  Even though the benedict was hearty enough, you don't want to pass up these hashbrown. They are fluffy inside, and wickedly crispy outside with just enough salt. My only criticism here would be that I would have liked a touch of spice (chili, cayenne, paprika etc) to balance out the richness of the rest of the dish.


Fruit Cup with Fresh Banana Bread



I mentioned to our server that I would prefer to not have any melon because I am sick of just being served under ripe melon every time I go out. No problem! Instead I got a beautiful goblet of all of my favourite tropical fruit.  But fruit is fruit, lets talk about that banana bread. Oh-dear-wow... that was actually the best banana bread I think I've ever eaten. It was impossibly moist,  but not too sweet, so much so that it was almost like eating a mouthful of ripe bananas. It literally melted on my tongue. I typically am not much for breakfast pastries like muffins, coffee cakes or fruit breads, but this was truly magnificent.


Side of Bacon



A good texture for bacon- adequately rendered, but not over cooked. I like a good chew on my bacon, so this was satisfying.

A tasty, fast breakfast for about $40 (including tax and tip) in Palm Beach ON the beach? That's what keeps us coming back.


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